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Five basic Attributes of an online store to keep online shoppers happy:

In this fast-moving era, you must be tired of doing regular activities that take your extra time and effort. Where the internet is ruling the world, no doubt it has made our lives and shopping aspects easier.

Now we are least concerned about going to the market physically, standing in long queues, and fighting for pricing. Online shopping is the supreme solution to our everyday purchasing problems.

From makeup accessories to mobile accessories, home appliances to industrial machines, you can get anything you want that is just one-click away. The emerging trend of the online store has taken the business world to the next level.

As an online shopper, you must look for the feature in online stores that make your shopping journey stress-free, then this article is going to help you.

  • Clear Photos and Image Options:

Product images always grab the customer’s attention and influence them to make a purchase decision. Sometimes a picture indeed describes more about a product than words.


In online shopping, pictures and images play a crucial role for online shoppers because they cannot see the product physically, so they need professionally clicked, original, clear, and detailed picture of the product they want to buy. 

However, pictures should not be edited to the extent where it looks fake or extra enhanced because it can confuse the customer and impacts the image of the online store negatively.

  • Accessible on Mobile Phones

The trend of online shopping is driven to give ease to shoppers. The website of an online store must have an approachable design for all users and all types of devices.


It will be the winning situation for any online outlet that its website is accessible at any time at any location. The updated website templates or interfaces are available for different screen sizes. Especially mobile websites, where you look for mobile accessories, must be available to every mobile user.

The store website’s content and images are must support the format that can easily be seen on all mobile devices. It must not be restricted to personal computers only. 

  • Easy and Quick Searching Options


When you have to suggest any online store to any of your friends, what do you say normally? No idea? Well, if we have to suggest anyone about any online shopping website, we would suggest a website based on its easy and quick search options.


Although we sometimes neglect these effective options, it the fact that it helps a lot. For instance, if you want to buy makeup accessories online, then quick options of searching make your purchase easy.

If the website lacks in giving you those options, then you must bring advancement in your website that provides you spontaneous flow of shopping.

  • Inexpensive or free Shipping procedures

The aggregated statistics of online shopping shows that 81% of online shoppers prefer free shipping, and this aspect also attracts customers. 


On the other hand, shipping costs somehow disappoint customers and leave them clueless while shopping. Many customers buying makeup accessories leave their carts unattended at the end of the shopping when they see a sudden high total after adding shipping costs.

As an online business person, it’s hard to decide between free and charged shipping, because both cases are impacting their online business. According to the statistics mentioned above, it is clear that free shipping is the option that appeals more to online shoppers.




So what does this information mean to you as an online business owner? Free or competitive shipping options, when done well, can drive your success. The right formula will have your clients increasing their cart total to get free shipping! And of course, there are other shipping

  • Brief Description of Products

Online shopping is not much different from traditional shopping, and it is more like telling customers about their needs and wants. With the matter of the fact that you are not buying physically, so it’s important to have a detailed explanation of the product in the online shopping website.


A product description can steal the show of sales, and product description must be described in rich and attractive content that kindles your buying process. All the important details related to the product like its size, color, shape, etc. is part of the product description.


Customers are demanding whether they are online shoppers or traditional ones. There is no rocket science behind online shopping; all you have to do is look for these attributes to make their online shopping informal and easy.