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Technological advancement has changed how the world works. It has altered the way we think, act, and lead our daily lives. As the world has shifted from product-centric manufacturing to customer-centric solutions, companies are becoming more and more focused on making their consumers’ lives easier with every later version that they introduce.

One such product is Wireless Earphones or Earpods, which have changed the way we consume music, attend calls, and listen to any other audio. Stepping into the latest era, this range of Wireless Earphones has completely diminished the struggle of tangled wires, and the consumers cannot be happier.

The sleek and smart design has further increased the demand for wireless earphones. However, being wireless and having a sleek design are not the only reasons Wireless Earphones or Earpods are getting increasingly popular. In this article, we will explore numerous other benefits that make Wireless Earbuds desirable.




  • Remotely Control Your Device

Not only that, you can move around without holding your mobile in your hands all the time, you can also control the device through your Wireless Earpods. The advanced technology used in these Wireless Earphones enables us to control volume, change in songs, and receive/disconnect incoming calls.


You can also use voice control to play/pause music, increase/decrease the volume, make calls to certain people, ask questions for search, and do anything the voice assistant supports. The in-ear sensors play the music as you plug the earphones in and pauses it as you take them out.

  • Enjoy Automated Systems & Audio Enhancements

There are many automated functions added to Wireless Earpods that make your life more than just easy. With pop up animation connect, your Wireless Earphones instantly pop out and pair with your device, ready to pick and use.

Binaural calls paired with enhanced super bass and audio quality, filtrate the sound, canceling all the noise in the surrounding. You can easily talk on call or listen to music in a distraction-free environment.

  • Make Your Statement

Wireless Earpods are not just technologically advanced; they have also become a fashion statement. There are different kinds of Wireless Earphones in the market, especially in online shops.

Mobile accessories are more than often used more fashionably rather than for actual use; however, Wireless Earbuds are both useful and trendy at the same time. One can easily find a huge variety of these mobile accessories available at online shops; however, before shopping any gadget or accessory, we recommend properly reading the specifications.



With a plethora of Wireless Earbuds available in the online shops, it is difficult to make the right decision. In this case, knowing the specifications can help a lot. Once you know what the product is offering, you can evaluate it based on your personal preferences. This information helps in choosing the most suitable product for yourself.


There are some crucial specifications which can be treated as criteria to pick the best products for yourself. Let’s find out what are those specific offerings that we must look for in Wireless Earphones while searching through online shops.



  • Should have remote controlling functionalities like volume, call, music controls
  • Smart sensors to play and pause through gestures
  • Option to use Left or Right earpod separately
  • Auto power on and off for longer battery life
  • Super bass and enhanced sound quality
  • HD Mic quality for better communication
  • Compatible with the Voice Assistant in your mobile


These are some criteria that should be focused on while finding Wireless Earbuds on any online shop, as mobile accessories are items of daily use. We highly recommend i90000 Pro TWS Wireless Earphones, which comes with 8D Super Bass and Bluetooth 5.0 to support all your needs. These incredible Wireless Earphones can also be used for Video Games and are even compatible with iPods.