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About Us

Brand for Trends Shop is located in Germany and specializes in the Sales of innovative lifestyle products, design goods, gadgets and more.

Founded as a private company in 2020, Brand for Trends Shop incorporated as part of its legal parent, Medialoaddesign. in 2018. Since then we have been steadily improving our services and increasing our product range from a few dozen to over 1000 products.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of Germany manufacturers we made it our mission to bring these incredible products to the rest of the world.We are a Dropshipping company and To keep up-to-date our Trend Scouts are researching on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches.For its trendsetting role and uniqueness,

Brand for Trends Shop has been extensively featured in the press and media.

Our Online sales team has a long career in customer support and speaks English, taking care of each of our customers emails and calls, in the effort to make shopping with us a special experience.